Create a robust infrastructure for interagency collaboration around common goals, data, and processes to ensure improved student outcomes and meet employers’ needs. 

GOAL: Identify gaps in agencies’ data collections and develop a plan to address any such gaps, including recommendations of statutory changes needed to do so, by January 2023.

GOAL: Design an integrated educational and workforce data infrastructure with a shared data governance policy by January 2023.

GOAL: Create publicly available and user-friendly data dashboards that report education and workforce outcomes data aligned to Tri-Agency priorities and disaggregated by income, race, ethnicity, gender, and region by June 2024.

GOAL: Establish integrated project management tools and processes for Tri-Agency shared initiatives by January 2023.

GOAL: Develop a plan by January 2023 for the creation of a state credential library and the development and implementation of a shared process through which credentials of value, including industry-based certifications, will be defined, identified, and promoted across the agencies.

Strategy 3.1

Align statewide education and workforce systems with statewide priorities and goals by:

  • Creating a shared approach for financial supports and staffing for Tri-Agency goals and strategies, including coordinated funding to better leverage resources; and
  • Collaborating across agencies to communicate aligned priorities to other state leaders and systems, including the Texas Legislature.

Strategy 3.2

Make educational and workforce data accessible and useful to the public, stakeholders, and decision-makers by:

  • Developing a modern, secure data infrastructure to support decision-making by students and families, educators, workforce stakeholders, and policymakers while protecting individual student privacy;
  • Integrating data across systems and coordinating across agency research and development efforts; and
  • Creating publicly available and user-friendly data dashboards that report education and workforce outcomes data aligned to Tri-Agency priorities.

Strategy 3.3

Ensure coordination and collaboration across all three agencies’ operations by:

  • Adopting and working toward shared outcomes;
  • Developing shared processes, including planning and monitoring processes, and technology infrastructure; and
  • Creating clear communication channels.

Strategy 3.4

Develop a communications and outreach plan focused on informing the public about Tri-Agency activities, including maintaining and updating the Tri-Agency website to provide up to date information and resources.