Create a robust infrastructure for interagency collaboration around common goals, data, and processes to ensure improved student outcomes and meet employers’ needs. 

Strategy 3.1

Align statewide education and workforce systems with statewide priorities and goals by:  

  • Updating and aligning goals and priorities across the agencies; 
  • Ensuring finance systems support these goals and priorities; and 
  • Braiding funding to better leverage resources. 

Strategy 3.2

Make educational and workforce data accessible and useful to the public, stakeholders, and decision-makers by:  

  • Developing a modern data infrastructure; and  
  • Integrating data systems and research and development efforts. 

Strategy 3.3

Ensure coordination and collaboration across all three agencies’ operations by:  

  • Adopting and working toward shared outcomes; 
  • Developing shared processes, including planning and monitoring processes, and infrastructure; and 
  • Creating clear communication channels.