Support efficient and flexible pathways to earning degrees, certificates, and other credentials linked to high-wage, in-demand jobs. 

Strategy 1.1

Identify students’ most efficient paths to attaining high-value credentials by:

  • Aligning training programs and associated credentials with in-demand, high-wage industries;
  • Mapping clear pathways to high-value credentials for all Texans, including veterans, incumbent and dislocated workers, and youth involved with the justice system;
  • Improving alignment across secondary and postsecondary CTE pathways; and
  • Creating clear on- and off-ramps for pathways through expanded credit and credential portability.

Strategy 1.2

Strengthen and streamline collaboration among key education and workforce system stakeholders who are developing pathways at the regional level by:

  • Integrating state strategies and supports for regional collaboration; and
  • Leveraging existing structures to better connect regional education and workforce systems.

Strategy 1.3

Expand opportunities for work-based learning experiences by:

  • Accelerating the development of high-quality work-based learning experiences that provide participants with meaningful opportunities; and
  • Supporting engagement by industry partners.